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We have a contract with the IEEE (people who dream-up wireless products most of us can't begin to imagine) in New Jersey; this image came from a job in Austin, Tx, where we shot almost 50 sub-committees doing paper reviews.   These are insanely smart people who really are very decent folks, and since we've been doing this gig for six years, most of them know us, and the guys always light-up when they come into the studio and see Tammy. We do love to know our clients and be known by them. 


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Digital Painting Painting_DSC7694a


Portraits that are hand-painted with oil are quickly going the way of film negatives as new software is allowing digital images to rival the look and feel of oil paintings.

However, much of the software is automated and at best creates a computerized cookie-cutter image that is lacking both warmth and feeling.

Tammy has become an expert with both Corel Painter and the newest version of Photoshop, and the work she is producing requires many hours and days working with her digital paint brushes and palette as she manually hand-paints every detail into the image.

Our images are printed with pigment ink on archival canvas, and hand-stretched before they are hand-coated with sealer.   No big box/mail-order canvas (which quickly fade and chip) here, and like all our work are guaranteed for life.

For true heirloom images, these hand-painted canvas prints are without equal for those who will pass them down through the generations. 


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